Our Mission

“Lama Dunes Tourism started its operations in Dubai 25 years ago to make the United Arab Emirates accessible with the best travel & tourism arrangements. Our vision is to simplify every procedure associated with your travel and tour purpose. And also to make sure that every person who wants to travel to any place in the world must safely and securely get their travel documents arranged with high professional carefulness.

As of 2022 January, Lama Dunes Tourism has helped over 2.8 million people from all over the world to arrange their visas to different countries, air tickets, hotel bookings; tour arrangements even post-Covid period. We are highly proactive in helping clients and have been arranging lots of travel arrangements for those who wanted repatriation. Lama Dunes Tourism is proud to receive Dubai Government’s Highest Quality Service Provider Award consecutively through the years and still remains the top leader in the Dubai tourism area & is best preferred by Dubai government offices. We have extended operations on IOOs of a variety of travel and tourism activities. Ever since Lama Dunes Tourism has been listed as the Best Travel Agency in Dubai all Dubai government’s different departments records and every application processed through Lama Dunes Tourism to any government department gets approved at the fastest speed, owing to the best records Lama Dunes Tourism has been successfully maintained for many years. Today Lama Dunes Tourism is the most trusted travel brand name in Dubai that any person in UAE trusts with 100% confidence to get their visas or any travel arrangements done. To make sure that all our clients will always have a peaceful and safe journey, we have consciously arranged for our consultants to be at service for your ease.”


A Message From Our CEO

Our vision behind Lama Dunes Tourism is not for your to think of Lama Dunes Tourism as just a vacation booking counter. This is why we focus on providing the best user experience to our clients, irrespective of the city, attraction, events, and stay. With foremost priority in providing every client with not just a service, but an experience of a lifetime. Our clients will be kept at 100% satisfaction with every booking with us. Our agents and service criteria make sure that you get a hassle-free and relaxed experience with every visit you take with us, ranging from picking ups at the airport to your everyday needs and making sure that you plan your next trip with Lama as well.
The Lama team actively researches and brings to you the latest happenings in every sector, every city, and every event you will be spending with us so that we can answer all your queries and assist you in every aspect.
We wish you happy & safe traveling with Lama Dunes Tourism!

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