Book your tickets for the Flying Cup on your next visit to the UAE and experience indoor virtual reality of next level.

Key Highlights

Have refreshments 40 meters above the ground Enjoy the panorama and Dubai Skyline for 30 minutes Detailed Description Indulge in a fantastic and unique experience at the Flying Cup in Dubai and enjoy a date in the air with uninterrupted sea views. Nestled on the pristine beach at JBR, Dubai, surrounded by restaurants, bars and hotels and lively beach is the Flying Cup.

Like every experience in Dubai is magical, this one is no less. Enjoy coffee or refreshments at 40 m above the ground with lifetime memories while having a fantastic 360 panoramic views. Have coffee or go on a date or a meeting up in the air and get the bird like sensation at the Flying Cup. Watch the city with a whole new perspective with your feet in the year. You will be harnessed at all times for your safety so it is advised not to untie them to have an enjoyable experience.

There are various experiences at the Flying Cup and this experience is for flying cup with refreshments in the air. Whether you are visiting with your partner or a group of friends, this is a perfect place to have a peaceful time yet remain in the city. Capture the skyline of the city from the air and enjoy the experience for a good 30 minutes.