Visit the Green Planet Dubai on your next visit to the UAE and experience a green world in the heat of the city with a plethora of flora and fauna.

Key Highlights

Over 850 species of birds in the Silent forest Around 3000 species of flora and fauna in the complete attraction Fish, python, squirrels, parrots, turtles, money and so much more Detailed Description The Green Planet Dubai is a world of greenery and freshness in the land of the deserts. Located at the junction of Al Wasl Road and Safa road, this is one of its kind botanical museum that habitats and its inhabitants at different layers of ecology showcase and a must-visit.

Explore the Australian Walkabout featuring multi-species exhibits and an array of reptile species including lizards, turtles, wallabies, pythons and more. The Green Planet Dubai is home to some of the exquisite fauna species like the sloth bear, colorful Cuban Amazon Parrot from the Bahamas and Cayman islands, Leaf Cutter ants from South American rainforest, Motoro Stingrays, Archer fish that squirt water up in the air, the cute Sugar Glider squirrels, Piranhas, Squirrel monkeys and so much more that you will be truly amazed to see all these under one roof. The Silent forest is another major experience at the Green Planet Dubai and walk amidst 850 species of birds chirping and lush greenery all around you. Offering much needed relaxation, it is a perfect place to visit with your family or group of friends and an equally mind-blowing variety of flora and fauna.